Motion Dynamic Products consist of a comprehensive series of modular test instruments.  Rotary Position / Rate Tables, Gyro and Accelerometer Test Tables, IMU Motion Simulators and Centrifuges are typical applications of the modular design concept. Each drive module allows accurate positioning and generates precise rates. Drive cubes are combined to multi-axis test instruments to two or three axis test tables, strapped-down motion simulation or tracking systems.
Motion Dynamic Test Instruments are used in research and development laboratories, production and servicing facilities for the testing and calibration of accelerometers, gyros, positions sensors, complex IMU/INS and the characterization of MEMS sensors.

The modular Test Instrument concept results in:

  • Attractive price/performance ratio
  • Short delivery time
  • Repeatable performance
  • Easy service and maintenance

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Strict modular design has inherent benefit. Each Drive Module is manufactured in economical lots and stocked after thorough in-process testing. Long before the final assembly of a specific Test System (TES) delivery delay of components or quality questions are addressed and tracked at a very early stage.

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