Today Motion Dynamic Drive Modules are available in the sizes of:

  • cubes of 300mm > drive module 3
  • cubes of 400mm > drive module 4
  • cubes of 600mm > drive module 6

Each drive module contains actuator, sensor, controller and power stage. Modules are daisy chained via a hard synchronized high speed port. High attention is given to the bearing system design and assembly. Available are life time lubricated high precision spindle bearings or Air Bearings (AB). Externally pressurized air bearing are optimized for high stiffness and load capacity. The absence of Coulomb friction predestines air bearings for applications of high bandwidth "up to 300Hz" or very low rates such as "fraction of earth rates".

Temperature Chambers either gas cooled (TG) or closed loop mechanically cooled (TM) add a new dimension of test parameters. The cooling medium passes through the proprietary concentric dual passage rotary joint. Excellent thermal insulation allows the save medium passage through fully instrumented shafts. Elevated temperatures are generated by electro resistive heaters.

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